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FBSciences’ BenePhite™ Product Line Delivers Powerful Phosphite Performance with Unique Nutrient Packages

July 21, 2021

Memphis, TENN. – FBSciences, a global leader in agricultural biologicals, launches BenePhite™, a unique phosphite product line with multiple modes of action, built with FBS Transit® technology and complementary nutrient packages designed to work synergistically to provide benefits that are greater than the sum of their parts. The first product available is BenePhite Expand™, a formulation combining cobalt, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc – a combination of micronutrients specifically formulated to take advantage of the powerful benefits of phosphites and FBS Transit technology. As agriculture faces increasing challenges and climate-related stress, the launch of FBSciences’ BenePhite line of products provides additional tools in the toolbox, driving ROI and yield for growers while growing healthier, more resilient crops.

With over 1500 independent research trials and studies, FBSciences has proven that their FBS Transit technology increases crop quality and nutrient density, improves stress mitigation and recovery, increases plant health and yields, and improves utilization of other crop inputs. BenePhite Expand capitalizes on the nutrient uptake and mobility benefits of FBS Transit technology, leveraging these capabilities to deliver a more effective phosphite product. The micronutrient formulation works systemically within the plant to support the translocation of the nutrients, growing fuller, healthier canopies with improved photosynthetic capacity and chlorophyll density.

BenePhite Expand delivers a one-two punch of stress mitigation and nutrient use efficiency. It increases the mobility and uptake of nutrients while supporting the cellular function of the plant. The proprietary formulation supports and increases the production of amino acids resulting in a plant that is better able to withstand heat and drought stress, while reducing the risk of phytotoxicity which is frequently a concern in phosphite applications. BenePhite Expand also increases root flush which improves root hair development, helps mine the soil for existing nutrients, and improves nutrient efficiency. The formulation contains an ideal ratio of FBS Transit technology, phosphites, nutrients, and formulation enhancers that all work together to deliver unmatched performance in the field.

As climate-related challenges grow in number and severity, growers will need additional tools to proactively manage increased stress and give crops the best chance for success even in the harshest growing conditions. BenePhite Expand is a dual product, providing soil and foliar application opportunities from seedling or bud-break to harvest. Boosted by FBS Transit technology, the micronutrient phosphites in BenePhite Expand help enhance the plant’s ability to defend itself against biotic stress and disease, particularly in cold, wet growing conditions. The fuller, healthier canopies seen with BenePhite Expand help further mitigate heat damage and stress. In addition to these climate adaptation benefits, the combination of the phosphite formulation with FBS Transit technology increases the assimilation and usability of atmospheric nitrogen in legumes through increased root nodulation. This in turn reduces nitrogen loss to leaching, runoff, and gas, making it an effective addition to a climate-smart program.

“The introduction of the BenePhite product line to FBSciences’ portfolio of agricultural biologicals provides growers with additional powerful tools to grow fuller, healthier canopies and manage stress while delivering climate-smart benefits,” said Courtenay Wolfe, Chair and CEO of FBSciences. “With the combination of our FBS Transit technology, phosphites, and a specially formulated micronutrient package, BenePhite Expand is unique in the marketplace, providing exponential benefits to growers beyond those of a phosphite product alone,” said Wolfe. 

BenePhite Expand will be available commercially in Florida in July of 2021, with commercial availability in other states to follow in the fall of 2021. Visit to learn more about their climate-smart agricultural biological products and stay up to date with new releases in this and other FBSciences product lines.

About FBSciences

FBSciences is a global leader in the innovation and commercialization of climate-smart biologicals for agriculture. Their naturally derived, proprietary technologies are the foundation for their biostimulant, biopesticide, and fertilizer product lines. With 100 million dollars in commercial success and more than 1500 independent and university studies over 15 years and across six continents, in even the harshest growing conditions, FBSciences has proven their technologies and products increase quality and nutrient density, improve stress mitigation and recovery, produce healthier plants and higher yields, and increase utilization of other crop inputs. Their sustainable products provide measurable benefits to the environment, including a 25% increase in nitrogen use efficiency, leading to N2O emissions reduction, decreased nitrogen runoff, and increased carbon sequestration. With an opportunity for meaningful impact on every managed acre, FBSciences is committed to harnessing the power of nature to transform agriculture globally. Follow us on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Instagram and learn more at

Courtenay Wolfe
Chair and CEO