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Memphis, Tenn. – FBSciences, a global leader in agricultural biologicals, launches their CarbonBoost® soil health product line, leveraging 15 years of experience and commercial success in plant health innovation to maximize carbon sequestration, increase soil carbon, and drive soil health. As part of FBSciences’ climate-smart agriculture mandate, they are tapping into their depth of research and expertise on the innate connection between soil and plant health to accelerate and amplify climate health benefits while boosting grower ROI and productivity.

FBSciences’ biological technologies and products have always had ancillary soil health benefits. Soil health is a critical component of climate adaptation and mitigation, as healthier, more biodiverse soils with optimized collections of microorganisms result in decreased greenhouse gas emissions, increased carbon sequestration and soil organic carbon, improved water and nutrient use efficiency, and higher plant tolerance to and recovery from stress. The addition of FBSciences’ CarbonBoost line to their portfolio marks a milestone in their climate-smart agriculture strategy, providing the opportunity to mitigate climate change holistically from both a plant health and soil health approach.

FBSciences’ CarbonBoost product line includes four new crop-specific microbial products built with FBSciences’ proprietary biostimulant technology, FBS Transit®, which is proven to consistently provide increased yields, increased root length, superior nutrient uptake, mitigation of abiotic stress, and improved crop quality. The four microbial products include crop-specific microbial consortia in spore form designed to provide unique benefits optimized for specific high acre crops, including corn, cotton, soybeans, and specialty crops. FBSciences’ CarbonBoost products are created with high colony forming units (CFUs) which are dormant until activated on the field, for improved efficiency, product purity, and increased shelf life. The combination of FBS Transit technology with the specific soil-ameliorating consortia amplifies benefits to growers, with all the advantages of FBS Transit plus the supercharged effect of the microbes for exponentially enhanced plant and soil health benefits beyond those provided by FBS Transit or the biological consortia alone. For example, the soybean product includes multiple strains of high CFU Bradyrhizobia, the microbes that work in a symbiotic relationship with legumes to accelerate the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen in the root nodules of the plant, making it plant-available and increasing soybean yield and growth.

The CarbonBoost line also includes two soil conditioning products, FBS Humate Plus™ and FBS Organics Humate Plus™, which are FBSciences’ highly concentrated and effective humic acid products also built with FBS Transit technology. FBS Humate Plus launched earlier this year with extremely positive soil health benefits to growers, including a 15% increase in water use efficiency over a three-year period compared to the grower standard treatment, and a 13% increase in root length over a traditional humic acid.

“With the unique combination of these specially formulated microbial consortia and the proven performance of FBS Transit technology, FBSciences’ CarbonBoost soil health line is unprecedented in the marketplace,” said Courtenay Wolfe, Chair and CEO of FBSciences. “After 15 years of commitment to plant health innovation and impact with our biological technologies and products, we are leveraging our understanding of our FBS Transit technology to expand the climate-smart impact of our products while still increasing ROI for growers by focusing on building healthier soils and transforming agriculture through the interconnected relationship between soil, plant, and climate health,” said Wolfe.

FBSciences is looking forward to the impact these new products will have in the field given the well documented soil health benefits and synergistic effects of their technologies with microbials. FBSciences is currently conducting global trials on the CarbonBoost soil health line and will announce the results in fall of 2021. FBS Humate Plus is available now and the five new products will be commercially available this fall.

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FBSciences is a global leader in the innovation and commercialization of climate-smart biologicals for agriculture and turf management. Their naturally derived, proprietary technologies are the foundation for their biostimulant, biopesticide, and fertilizer product lines. With 100 million dollars in commercial success and more than 1500 independent and university studies over 15 years and across six continents, in even the harshest growing conditions, FBSciences has proven their technologies and products increase quality and nutrient density, improve stress mitigation and recovery, produce healthier plants and higher yields, and increase utilization of other crop inputs. Their sustainable products provide measurable benefits to the environment, including a 25% increase in nitrogen use efficiency, leading to N2O emissions reduction, decreased nitrogen runoff, and increased carbon sequestration. With an opportunity for meaningful impact on every managed acre, FBSciences is committed to harnessing the power of nature to transform agriculture globally. Follow us on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and Instagram and learn more at


Courtenay Wolfe
Chair and CEO