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Hydroponic Nutrition

FBS Gold™ is our proprietary biostimulant and nutrient use efficiency technology designed for growing crops in soilless media and potted plants. FBS Gold™ works to improve nutrient efficiency by increasing the uptake and translocation of nutrients which leads to healthier plants that can better withstand stress, which in turn leads to increased yields.

FBS Gold™

FBSciences has a complete product lineup for growing high-value crops in both soilless media, and soil media through drip irrigation. FBS Gold®, our patented nutrient efficiency technology, forms the foundation of our product lineup. Our first offering from this technology platform is a holistic approach to nutrition management that provides the plant with everything it needs from planting through harvest. It includes a nutrient use efficiency (NUE) product and three nutrient products that provide all the nutrition the plant needs. We have additional products in development for this product line. We also offer products specifically designed for manufacturers and formulators with the option for custom-designed solutions.


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Benefits of FBS Gold™ Technology

FBS Gold™ increases the nutrient efficiency of applied nutrients for high value crops grown in hydroponics and potted plants. There are many benefits from improved nutrient efficiency including uptake and internal movement with improved root development and abiotic stress mitigation including temperate and salt stress moderation.

Increased Efficiency of Applied Nutrients
  • Enhances uptake and internal movement of applied nutrients
  • Increases moisture utilization
Increased Nutrient Density & Quality
  • Improves chlorophyll production to support the pre-bud and flower formation growth phase
  • Increases trichome density and improves CBD quality and quantity
Significantly Healthier Plants & Increased Yields
  • Accelerates germination, seedling establishment and plant to plant uniformity
  • Supports the reproductive stage and trichome development
  • Increases number, length, and total surface area of roots
Stress Mitigation & Recovery
  • Improves tolerance to and recovery from stress (heat, salinity, etc)