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FBS Transit Dual 500

Advanced Nutrition for Soil & Foliar Formulations

Highly Concentrated for Manufacturing Use

FBS Transit Dual™ 500 is a highly concentrated formulation of our FBS Transit® nutrient efficiency technology, intended for manufacturing use only. It is sold as an ingredient and optimized as a dual-purpose material for soil or foliar formulations. Naturally derived from a diverse mixture of specific organic acids, FBS Transit Dual™ 500 is highly efficient with very low application rates. FBS Transit Dual™ 500 promotes the uptake, absorption, and translocation of nutrients in the plant leading to the following benefits:

Increased Nutrient Density & Improved Quality
  • Higher Soluble Solids & Sugar Content
  • Larger Size & Better Color
  • Healthier Canopy
Significantly Healthier Plants & Increased Yields
  • Increased Rooting
  • Greater Biomass
  • Increased Germination, Faster Emergence
  • Increased Photosynthesis
Stress Mitigation & Recovery
  • Including Heat & Drought Stress
  • Frost Stress
  • Salinity Stress
Increased Efficiency of Applied Nutrients
  • Increased Movement of Nutrients Throughout the Plant
  • Reduces Soil Tie-ups
  • Greater Moisture Utilization


Mineral Complexed Organic Natter

0.9% by weight

Water-based, highly compatible with fertilizers, biostimulants and crop protection products

Suggested for all crops

Available in Totes

For Manufacturing Use Only

Application Rates & Timing

Apply 1.2-1.6 ounces per acre when applying in-furrow or near the seed. Apply 1.6-2.4 ounces per acre with liquid fertilizers banded, side-dressed, dribbled, strip-tilled, broadcast or through irrigation systems, for foliar application, use the higher rate with water volume over 50 gallons/acre. Impregnate 6.4-48 ounces per acre onto each ton of dry fertilizer depending on the final application of fertilizer in the field.

Storage & Stability

Keep in original container. Keep container highly closed when not in use. Store product above 40° F. Protect from excessive heat. Store in a cool dry place.

Registration Status

Approved uses will vary from country to country depending on local registration requirements.


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