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Comprehensive Lineup of Biostimulants, Fertilizers & Biopesticides

FBSciences offers a powerful lineup of technologies to provide leading crop nutrition and crop protection products and solutions globally. Our three technologies, FBS Transit®, FBS Defense™, and FBS Gold™, are used as core ingredients to formulate a leading and comprehensive product line for soil, foliar, seed, and hydroponic applications. FBSciences has designed comprehensive crop programs to assist dealers and growers in transforming their acres globally. Within each technology, we have branded products and products designed specifically for manufacturers and formulators. We also offer the option of custom-designed solutions. By harnessing the power of nature, FBSciences is dedicated to transforming agriculture and food production globally in every part of the world, on every crop, even in the harshest growing conditions.

FBS Transit®

FBSciences has a comprehensive lineup of crop nutrition solutions. FBS Transit®, our patented nutrient efficiency technology forms the foundation of our product lineup. We have a branded line of products that includes nutrient use efficiency (NUE) and micronutrient products for both soil and foliar applications, compatibility aids and premium humic acids. We also offer products specifically designed for manufacturers and formulators with the option for custom designed solutions.



FBS Defense™

FBSciences has an emerging crop protection product lineup within our FBS Defense™ technology platform. Our products work within the plant to increase the plant’s ability to defend itself from biotic stresses including insects and diseases. We currently have a fungicide, and a nematicide pending registration. We also offer products specially designed for manufacturers with the option for custom solutions.