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At FBSciences, our purpose is to:


Transform agriculture and food production globally


Be a driver and change agent in producing and sustaining a robust ag economy


Be a responsible steward of our environment and our planet

The Challenges We Face

Changing Consumer Demands

Unpredictable Weather

Agricultural Sustainability

Grower & Value Chain Profitibility

How Does FBSciences Achieve This?

By harnessing the power of nature to deliver proprietary, natural technologies that are both highly effective and highly sustainable. Our natural chemistries produce robust technologies that allow all stakeholders in the value chain to both profit and flourish.

These technologies are derived from a diverse mixture of thousands of unique compounds. Generations of plants adapting to a harsh environment creates a rich source of natural organic matter (NOM) . It is this natural organic matter that forms the foundation of our FBS Technologies.

What’s this mean for our customers? A powerful and comprehensive lineup of industry leading biostimulant, fertilizer, and biopesticide products that work in every part of the world and on every crop, even in the harshest growing conditions.

By harnessing the power of nature, being aware and considerate of our natural resources, and tackling some of the most difficult issues facing our planet today, FBSciences is committed to transforming agriculture and food production globally, one acre at a time.

Roadmap to Success

FBSciences has a robust lineup of comprehensive crop programs providing distributors and growers with a roadmap to success. Our crop programs are scientifically formulated with the entire life cycle of the plant in mind. Our crop programs magnify the benefits of our FBS Technologies through a comprehensive and holistic approach to crop management. The result of following these programs is a superior ROI resulting from improved plant health, higher yields and improved crop quality.

Building Profitability Throughout The Value Chain

Our technologies and products are effective but the amplifying effect of following these programs is a superior ROI resulting from improved plant health, higher yields and improved crop quality. The compounding effect from season to season enables your operation to flourish. Significant return on investment at the farm level enabling growers to thrive, not just survive. High margin products improve the profitability throughout the value chain producing a robust ag economy.

Comprehensive Product Lineup

FBSciences offers a powerful lineup of technologies to provide leading crop nutrition and crop protection products and solutions globally.