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Technologies for Every Crop, in Every Part of the World, Even in the Harshest Growing Conditions.

FBSciences offers a powerful lineup of technologies to provide leading crop nutrition and crop protection products that are naturally derived, sustainable, and renewable. Our proprietary technologies are derived from a diverse mixture of thousands of unique compounds. Generations of plants adapting to a harsh environment create a rich source of natural organic matter (NOM). It is this NOM that forms the foundation of our technologies. Our technologies are used as core ingredients to formulate a comprehensive product line of biostimulants and biopesticides for soil, foliar, seed, and hydroponic applications. By harnessing the power of nature, FBSciences is dedicated to transforming agriculture and food production globally.

FBS Transit®

Crop Nutrition

Proprietary nutrient use efficiency technology formulated for use on all crops. It increases the uptake and translocation of all nutrients leading to improved plant health with increased yields, both quality and quantity. Also available in organic.

FBS Defense™

Crop Protection

Proprietary biopesticide technology that works within the plant to increase the plant’s ability to defend itself from biotic stresses including insects and diseases and increases harvestable yields. Also available in organic.