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Our scientists lead the field in characterizing and understanding natural organic matter (NOM).

This expertise and understanding are at the core of everything we do but the effectiveness of our technologies goes beyond our source material. It is the result of our proprietary and complex manufacturing processes where we target, extract, refine, and concentrate the most biologically active compounds and adhere to the highest quality standards.

The current commercial technologies platform includes FBS Transit® and FBS Defense™.

Each of these technologies has a unique CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) number, value proposition, and target market. Using the FBS Technologies, we have developed a powerful lineup of highly compatible, conventional and organic biostimulants, biopesticides and fertilizers for seed, soil and foliar application opportunities on every managed acre globally.

Formulation Expertise

We have a unique approach to product design

  1. First, we start with mineral elements that are essential nutrients for basic plant functions. In this process we don’t use any ag grade or utility grade materials. All the raw materials we use to build these products must meet our strict quality standards. This minimizes impurities and heavy metals so we have the finest basic mineral to meet the demand of the plant.
  2. Second, we make our formulations effective using a specific group of organic bioregulators. They are designed to counteract environmental stresses that are caused by these mineral elements. Even though we source very high quality materials, metals are metals. The plant has difficulty with those in the raw form. Also, many minerals are salt based which can cause stress. We choose as many as 3 or 4 of the proper organic bioregulators that best counter these issues depending on the specific mineral elements in the product. We blend these together to provide truly premium liquid products with high efficiency. This allows for uptake of the unique materials into the plant, movement throughout the plant, and passage to new growth. This approach to product design leads to the exceptional performance of our products. Our inspiration is nature – start to finish.
  3. Third, we finish with micronutrient formulations that provide the plant with essential minerals in a form best suited for uptake.