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FBSciences harnesses the power of nature to deliver a diverse family of proprietary and patented plant health technologies that perform more consistently than other naturally derived products.

Our technologies have proven the ability to safely fill the gap in global food production while ensuring environmental sustainability.
No two source of natural organic matter are identical

FBS Technologies are derived from natural organic matter (NOM). NOM is a broad term for the complex mixture containing tens of thousands of compounds derived mainly from decaying plant debris. NOM is naturally present in the environment, and it exists in varying concentrations depending on the source. Every product derived from NOM is unique because no two sources are identical. The extraction process can further change the composition of the product. Also, how NOM is handled and stored can modify the product before it gets to the field.

The specific source material for FBS Technologies is unique. Generations of plants adapting to a harsh environment create a rich source of NOM. However, the effectiveness of our technologies goes far beyond the source material; it is the result of our proprietary and complex manufacturing processes. While adhering to the highest quality standards, our leading team of scientists and engineers target, extract, refine, and concentrate the most biologically active compounds. These compounds are very active by themselves as well as when combined with other product chemistries (i.e. fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, biostimulants, and fertilizers). It is this NOM that forms the foundation of our technologies.