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Areas of Expertise

Science & Research

We have an industry-leading team of scientists and researchers significantly advancing the understanding and control of naturally derived technologies. Our diverse team brings talent and innovation to understanding these unique chemistries, their effect on plant biology, the effect different production processes have on these chemistries, and ensuring the strictest quality control standards. Our industry-leading analytical chemists, biologists, and QA chemists work at our research facilities in the United Starts and Europe. Our scientists lead the field in characterizing and understanding natural organic matter, which is the core of everything we do.

Agronomic Technical Support

Our agronomists have over 200 years of combined experience in plant health and knowledge of how naturally derived chemistries are utilized in both plant nutrition and plant protection. Our agronomists support our sales team and customers in the field regarding best practices to apply our natural derived technologies and products on all crops in different growing conditions to maximize the plant’s potential. Our agronomists work with independent researchers, universities, dealers, and farmers to conduct research and field trials to ensure we are providing our customers with evidence and understanding of how these products and technologies affect crop yield, crop quality, and crop economics.


Marketing & Business Development

Our marketing and business development team brings the best in class to sales and marketing – smart, experienced people dedicated to driving change through innovation. Our marketing team is responsible for developing and executing the firm’s marketing and communications strategy and overseeing the day to day marketing operations.  The synergy between brand development and marketing deals with the supply and demand of agricultural products to satisfy the needs of both the buyers and suppliers.

Sales Executives

Our sales team includes veteran professionals who focus on finding new distribution channels, providing sales and technical support to distributors, retailers, agricultural advisors, and growers. Our sales team is customer-focused and works closely with our agronomic team to provide our customers with the support they need in the field.  Located through the United States, Canada, and Europe, our experienced sales team works closely with our partners to ensure all questions are answered, and FBSciences’ market share continues to grow each year.



Global Production

Our production facility and lab is staffed by an exceptionally talented team of engineers and QA chemists who work to ensure production demand is met and that new discoveries are evaluated for commercial applicability. The effectiveness of our technologies is the result of our proprietary manufacturing process, and it is our global production team that expertly targets, extracts, refines, and concentrates the most biologically active compounds to product our technologies.