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Benefits of FBS Defense® technology

FBS Defense® is our proprietary plant growth regulator biopesticide technology that works within the plant to increase the plant’s ability to defend itself from biotic stresses, including insects and diseases. FBS Defense demonstrates pesticidal benefits as well as enhances the performance of other crop protection products. These synergistic benefits with systemic pesticides are extremely beneficial for those that have lower mobility. Advanced research has proven the ability of FBS Defense to reduce the application rate of other pesticides by half while exhibiting no reduction in the control over insects and diseases. Even greater synergies have been observed when FBS Defense is combined with another biopesticide compared to conventional pesticides.

  • Accelerates germination and stimulates root growth to increase the number, length, and surface area of roots.
  • Improves plant health so the plant is better able to defend itself from diseases and insects. 
  • Decreases use rates due to synergies with other active ingredients while still maintaining protection. 
  • Provides multiples modes of action depending on pest and application method to help fight resistance.
  • Increases harvestable yields, both quality and quantity.