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Benefits of FBS Transit® Technology

FBS Transit® is our proprietary biostimulant technology that works inside the plant to increase the uptake and mobility of all nutrients needed for key physiological processes and improves the ability to withstand and recover from abiotic stresses, leading to higher yields. There are numerous scientifically proven plant growth benefits that result from improved nutrient efficiency, including uptake and translocation, improved root development, and abiotic stress mitigation, including temperature and salt stress moderation. Independent testing with leading researchers and universities has confirmed the benefits of FBS Transit technology including:

Enhanced Uptake of Nutrients
Significantly Healthier Plants & Increased Yields
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and internal movement of both applied nutrients and those present in the soil.
  • Improves fertilizer efficiencies
  • Increases moisture utilization

  • Optimizes conditions for germination, seedling establishment, and plant to plant uniformity.
  • Supports nutrient conditions for root growth and improved nodulation
  • Increased nutrient utilization optimizes key physiological functions leading to improved plant health and increase in yield, both quality and quantity
Increased Nutrient Density & Quality
  • Optimizes conditions to increase soluble solids & sugar content
  • Supports nutrient conditions for larger size & better color
  • Increases chlorophyll production for healthier canopy

Stress Mitigation & Recovery
  • Improves tolerance to and recovery from stress (drought, heat, cold, salinity)

15% Global Average Yield Increase

Our technologies have powerful and consistent yield results with an average increase of 15% globally across all crops. Over 1500 independent and university studies with proven commercial success on 53 different crops worldwide, on 6 different continents demonstrating improvements in plant health, and stress mitigation.