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Landmark Trials Further Validate FBSciences’ FBS Defense® Portfolio as Leader in Biopesticide Solutions

February 7, 2023

Memphis, TN – FBSciences, which was recently acquired by Valent BioSciences, announces recent trial results further validating the power of their FBS Defense® technology and biopesticide line of leading crop protection solutions, showing superior or equivalent performance to the industry standard but with softer chemistries, improved plant health and crop quality outcomes, and better sustainability for the environment. FBS Defense biopesticide material, FBS Defense 500, has a uniquely broad range of EPA approved uses in a single active ingredient including fungicide, insecticide, plant growth regulator (PGR), and nematicide claims.

Extensive independent trials and studies have been conducted proving the performance of FBSciences’ FBS Defense technology and leading line of biopesticide products. The line currently includes FBSciences’ preventative fungicide Carbon Defense®, registered as FBS Carbon Defense® in California, and nematicide NemBlast™. A recent trial in California on bell peppers comparing FBS Carbon Defense to the industry standard fungicide treatment showed that FBS Carbon Defense numerically outperformed the industry standard treatment, exhibiting an even greater reduction in severity and incidence of powdery mildew when used in rotation with the grower standard. FBS Carbon Defense also resulted in a 17% increase in total fresh market return on peppers, with a significantly higher percentage of jumbo and extra-large peppers, resulting in the highest ROI for the grower. Another recent trial compared NemBlast against industry standard nematicide treatments, showing that it is highly effective for the control of root knot nematodes and other common tuber pests, including rust fly and wireworms, while also increasing yield in carrots.

Rising temperatures worldwide are expected to continue to increase biotic stress and pest and disease pressure. As temperatures increase, insects and pathogens can flourish, resulting in increased disease and pest outbreaks, increased costs to growers, and lower yields in terms of both quality and quantity. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that 20% of all crops grown worldwide are lost annually to plant pests and diseases and predicts that this number will increase in the coming seasons. At the same time, traditional solutions for crop protection have been strictly limited or banned around the world due to human health risks and environmental impacts. In the face of these challenges, growers are looking for tools that combat pests and diseases with softer, more sustainable chemistries while also providing plant health benefits.

“Expanding from our strong portfolio in crop nutrition and plant health, FBSciences is committed to being a global leader in sustainable crop protection solutions created with softer chemistries,” said Courtenay Wolfe, Chair and CEO of FBSciences. “As growers look for effective tools to combat biotic stress while still meeting their quality and crop health goals alongside existing restrictions on traditional pesticides, our FBS Defense line provides powerful, proven solutions for plant, soil, and climate health.  With the recent acquisition of FBSciences by Valent BioSciences, we look forward to delivering a combined unrivaled platform in biorationals, including leading biostimulant and biopesticide technologies and solutions.”

Carbon Defense has been registered in 28 states and Puerto Rico, including as FBS Carbon Defense in California. NemBlast is currently registered in four states, with additional states pending, and is also OMRI Listed and approved for use in organic production. FBSciences will continue to roll out additional products in their crop protection line in the future to meet growing demands for these solutions. They welcome outreach from potential partners looking to incorporate FBSciences’ leading products and technologies into their platforms to improve performance while increasing safety and sustainability.

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Courtenay Wolfe

Chair and CEO, FBSciences

About FBSciences

FBSciences, recently acquired by Valent BioSciences, is a global leader in the innovation and commercialization of climate-smart biorationals for agriculture. The company’s naturally derived, proprietary technologies are the foundation for its biostimulant, biopesticide, and crop nutrition product lines. FBSciences has proven that its technologies and products increase quality and nutrient density, improve stress mitigation and recovery, produce healthier plants and higher yields, and increase utilization of other crop inputs. In addition, the company’s sustainable products provide measurable benefits to the environment, including increased nitrogen use efficiency, leading to N2O emissions reduction, decreased nitrogen runoff, and reduced CO2 emissions by increased carbon sequestration. With an opportunity for meaningful impact on every managed acre, FBSciences is committed to harnessing the power of nature to transform agriculture globally. For additional information, visit