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FBS Organics Transit Soil®

Nutrient Use Efficiency Product for Use in Organic Production

Nutrient Use Efficiency Product for Use in Organic Production

FBS Organics Transit Soil® is a premium OMRI and OIM Listed nutrient product for use in organic production formulated with a proprietary blend of FBS Transit®, our patented nutrient use efficiency technology, along with various other organic formulations enhancers that increase the uptake and mobility of nutrients, as well as improve tolerance to and recovery from abiotic stress. Increased nutrient uptake and movement leads to the following benefits:

Increased Efficiency of Applied Nutrients
  • Increased Movement of Nutrients Throughout Plant
  • Reduced Soil Tie-Ups
  • Greater Moisture Utilization
Healthier Plants & Increased Yields
  • Increased Rooting
  • Enhanced Root Exudation for Healthier Rhizosphere
  • Faster Emergence

Increased Nutrient Density & Quality
  • Higher Soluble Solids & Sugar Content
  • Larger Size, Better Color
  • Healthier Canopy
Stress Mitigation & Recovery
  • Including Heat & Drought Stress
  • Frost Stress
  • Salinity Stress

Compatible with most fertilizers regardless of pH. A standard jar test is always recommended.

For use on all crops including tree nuts, vineyards, fruit, vegetable, grain and forage crops.

Guaranteed Analysis

Zinc (Zn)


5.0% Water Soluble Zinc

Derived from: zinc sulfate, complexed with lignosulfonate

FBS Organics Transit Soil Research – Organic Blueberries
Trial Results
  • Improved Number, Size, & Color of Leavses
  • Larger Overall Size of the Berry Plants
  • Greater Number of Fruiting Branches
  • More Fully Developed Berries
  • Significantly Higher Early Season Yields
Trial Protocol
  • Independent Research, California
  • FBS Organics Transit Soil applied at 8 ounces every three weeks.
  • Four months into trial stress conditions delayed growth and development


FBS Organics Transit Soil

Not registered in all states, provinces or countries.

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