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FlexForce™ Foliar

Advanced Zn-Fe-Mn Nutrition

Advanced Zn-Fe-Mn Nutrition

FlexForce™ Foliar is a premium, foliar-applied zinc, iron, and manganese product designed to strengthen vegetative growth and canopy health. This balanced blend of nutrients works together to maximize photosynthetic capacity and carbohydrate production. The advanced formulation includes FBS Transit®, FBScience’s proprietary nutrient use efficiency technology, to ensure rapid uptake and mobility of nutrients within the plant. This convenient blend should be applied anytime during the growing season to fulfill plant demand.

Advanced Foliar Technology

  • Increased Foliar Penetration: Low Molecular Weight Organic Acids Complex the Nutrients for Rapid Absorption Through Tissue
  • Phloem Mobility: Reduces the Binding of Nutrients Which Allows for Increased Mobility of Low Phloem-Mobile Nutrients
  • Tank Compatibility: Reduces Antagonism with Pesticides, Other Fertilizers, and Hard Water in the Tank for Increased Compatibility

Benefits of FlexForce Foliar

  • Balanced Blend of Plant-Available Zn-Fe-Mn
  • Strengthens Vegetative Growth and Canopy Health
  • Increases Canopy Function for Maximum Photosynthetic Capacity
  • Increases Carbohydrate Production and Movement to Growing Points

For use on all crops including tree nuts, vineyards, fruit, vegetable, grain and forage crops.

Available in Totes and Bulk

Guaranteed Analysis

Nitrogen (N)


Nitrate Nitrogen

Iron (Fe)


Water Soluble Iron

Manganese (Mn)


Water Soluble Manganese

Zinc (Zn)


Water Soluble Zinc

Derived from: low biuret urea, iron sulfate, manganese sulfate, and zinc sulfate

Product not registered in all states, provinces or countries.