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SloN PlusTM

Foliar & Soil Applied Slow Release Nitrogen Formulation

Foliar & Soil Applied Slow Release Nitrogen Formulation

SloN Plus is a premium nitrogen product designed to slowly release nitrogen over a period of two weeks. SloN Plus is built with a proprietary blend of FBS Transit®, our patented technology that promotes the rapid uptake, absorption, and translocation of nutrients within the plant. This powerful combination creates a balance between the quick nutrient uptake in the plant provided by Transit and the extended-release of nitrogen provided by SloN Plus.

Product Benefits

  • Non-toxic form of Nitrogen
  • Slows conversion of methylene urea into ammoniacal nitrogen, allowing for safer extended uptake
  • Creates a humectant effect, allowing for increased nutrient uptake
  • Increases Nitrogen uptake without the risk of phytotoxicity or burn
  • Slows evaporation
  • Complementary nitrogen source during times of peak demand

Guaranteed Analysis



11.5% Urea Nitrogen

16.5% Other Water-Soluble Nitrogen

Derived from: urea and methylene ureas.

For use on all crops including tree nuts, vineyards, fruit, vegetable, grain and forage crops.

Available in 2.5 Gallon Jugs, Totes, and Bulk

Benefits of Slow-Release Nitrogen

●Nitrogen can be taken up by the plant over an extended period of time
● Adding too much nitrogen to a plant at once
creates imbalances that can weaken the cell
walls and cause the plant to be driven by the
wrong hormones
● Great for springtime, because it can be hard to get enough nitrogen into the plant when the
soil is colder, and the weather is not clear
● Some sprays dry out quickly when there is
wind or low humidity, which can cause the
nutrients to end up on the surface of the leaf.
SloN Plus slows down this evaporation and gives the plant enough time to absorb the nutrients

Not registered in all states, provinces or countries.