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Courtenay Wolfe, Chair & CEO of FBSciences, Awarded 2022 Women in Agriculture Award by New Ag International

May 11, 2022

Chair and CEO of FBSciences Courtenay Wolfe has been awarded the New Ag International 2022 Women in Ag award for her achievements in the industry and her role as a leader in agricultural biologicals, driving the industry forward with innovative and sustainable solutions in plant, soil, and climate health. New Ag International established the award to recognize women in agriculture who have inspired others with their work in the sector, and to encourage a diverse and inclusive community within the industry. The winner represents someone who is a positive role model for others in their work, innovation, and accomplishments, and who helps encourage and uplift other women in agriculture. The award was presented to Wolfe at the 20th edition of the New Ag International Annual event in Warsaw, Poland on May 10, 2022.

“The Women in Ag award recognizes the achievements women are making in the agriculture sector and celebrates the immense presence and growing power that women have in the industry,” said Naomi Brooker, Portfolio Director at New Ag International. “We are thrilled to award this 2022 Women in Ag award to Courtenay Wolfe in recognition of her work in advancing the agricultural industry forward.”

Wolfe was nominated for the award due to her passionate commitment to sustainability and food security, her work to build a more equitable and resilient food system, and her achievements in agriculture, leading FBSciences from its foundation as a science-driven company into a global force that is leading the agricultural biologicals industry with explosive growth and commercial success. Agricultural biologicals represent the fastest growing sector in agriculture, recognized for their powerful productivity, crop protection, and sustainability benefits. Under Wolfe’s leadership, FBSciences is growing at 2.5 times the sector, driving the charge in bringing agricultural biologicals to the forefront in climate-smart agriculture. FBSciences has demonstrated and proven that agricultural biologicals are powerful tools for driving yield and ROI, improving plant and soil health, increasing crop adaptation to climate-related stresses, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

“I am honored to receive the 2022 Women in Agriculture award from New Ag International,” said Wolfe. “I am deeply committed to the advancement and inclusion of women in agriculture, and to furthering the crucial work FBSciences is doing in driving plant, soil, and climate health to sustainably transform our global agriculture and food production systems.”

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