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BoronBoost® Foliar

Advanced Boron Nutrition

Foliar-Applied 6% Boron Formulation

BoronBoost® Foliar is a premium, foliar-applied Boron product built with a proprietary formulation that promotes the rapid uptake, absorption and translocation of nutrients within the plant. BoronBoost Foliar is designed to resolve Boron deficiencies in all crops such as tree nuts, vineyards, fruit, vegetable, grain and forage crops. Flowering and fruit set are particularly sensitive to Boron deficiencies. Boron is phloem immobile in most plants, therefore, the ability to facilitate Boron transportation within the phloem will have a profound positive impact on the correction of the plant’s reproductive deficiencies by moving Boron to the growing points of the fruiting structures, enhancing fruit retention.

Product Benefits

  • Improves Boron Mobility in Phloem
  • Supports Pollination Success
  • Supports Cell Wall Strength
  • Supports Sugar Metabolism
  • Increases Fruit Storability
  • Improves Plant Health & Quality

Guaranteed Analysis

Boron (B)


Derived from: boric acid

For use on all crops including tree nuts, vineyards, fruit, vegetable, grain and forage crops.

Available in 2.5 Gallon Jugs, Totes, and Bulk

Trial Results
  • BoronBoost Foliar increased the amount of Boron in Arabidopsis seedheads by 14.8% over the application of Foliar Boron (6%)
  • This study validates the fact that BoronBoost Foliar provides enhanced uptake and movement. The plants were able to take up the Boron through the leaves and transport it to the seedheads.

Not registered in all states, provinces or countries.