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FBS Harmony

Citric Acid Compatibility Agent

Citric Acid Based Compatibility Agent

FBS Harmony is a citric acid-based compatibility agent specifically designed to lower the pH of tank mixes to achieve ideal compatibility among nutrients and crop protection products.

Product Benefits
  1. Improves the compatibility of many fertilizers and FBS nutrient products with each other.
  2. Helps adjust tank mixes to ideal pH for optimum uptake by plants.
  3. Prevents plugging of spray nozzles or sediments in fertilizer tanks.
  4. Enhances the uptake and internal translocation of nutrients.

FBS Harmony is compatible with a wide range of nutrient and crop protection materials that may be applied as a tank mix solution. A standard quart jar test is always recommended before tank mixing other materials. Specific use rates will vary with conditions such as total water volume, pH of other materials added, or amount of bicarbonates or carbonates in the water. In most cases, the ideal pH for compatibility and ideal nutrient uptake is between a pH of 4.5 and 5.5. Use enough FBS Harmony to adjust the final tank-mix pH to the desired level. Water pH should be monitored and checked before and after the introduction of FBS Harmony to ensure the desired pH adjustment. A pH that is higher than 8 will need increasingly more buffer to achieve desired pH levels. Always read the labels of each crop protection product in the tank mix. Make sure that the desired target pH is also the ideal pH range of all crop protection products.

Available in 2.5 Gallon Jugs, Totes, and Bulk

Principal Functioning Assets

Citric Acid


Constituents Ineffective As Spray Adjuvants