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FBS Marshal™

Compatibility Agent

FBS Marshal is a compatibility agent for direct addition to liquid fertilizers. FBS Marshal has been designed for formulators to easily use in problematic blends. It improves the compatibility and stability of most fertilizer tank mixes.

Technical Information
  • Minimizes precipitation when mixed with phosphate fertilizers by complexing with Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper and other positively charged ions.
  • Reduces potential plugging or scaling in irrigation systems by forming complexes with calcium, iron, and aluminum in-ground and surface waters.
  • Disrupts the formation of calcium-phosphate crystals, resulting in fewer and much smaller crystals that might potentially clog screens, spray nozzles, application equipment or irrigation systems during fertilizer applications.
Rates & Timing

The standard rate is 2% of the total tank mix. However, ranges may vary from 0.5%-10% rates of the total tank volume. A jar test is recommended to determine the specific rate determination.

Available in Totes and Bulk