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GreenSurge Foliar

Advanced Magnesium Nutrition

Foliar-Applied 4% Magnesium Nutrition

GreenSurge® Foliar is a premium, foliar-applied Magnesium product built with a proprietary formulation that is highly mobile within the plant to support chlorophyll formation and increase photosynthesis. The nutrients in GreenSurge are efficiently absorbed by the leaves and rapidly distributed to the plant for long term correction of Magnesium deficiency. GreenSurge Foliar is designed for use on all crops, including tree nuts, vineyards, fruit, vegetable, grain, and forage crops.

  • Increases Chlorophyll Density
  • Supports Photosynthesis
  • Increases ATP Use
  • Improves Enzyme Functions & Protein Synthesis
  • Resolves Magnesium Deficiency
  • Improves Plant Health & Quality

Guaranteed Analysis

Magnesium (Mg)


Sulfur (S)


Derived from: magnesium sulfate

For use on all crops including tree nuts, vineyards, fruit, vegetable, grain and forage crops.

Available in 2.5 Gallon Jugs, Totes, and Bulk

GreenSurge Foliar Resolves Magnesium Deficiencies

Symptoms Include:
  • Interveinal Chlorosis of Older Leaves
  • Leaves Curl Upwards Along Margins
  • Growth is Slow or Stunted in Springtime when Soil Remains Cold
  • Reduced Root Growth
  • Smaller Fruit Size & Lower Sugar Content

Mg Deficient Grape Leaf

Healthy Grape Leaves

Not registered in all states, provinces or countries.