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Advanced Potassium Nutrition

Advanced Potassium Nutrition

K-Surge™ is a premium potassium product built to promote the rapid uptake and translocation of nutrients within the plant. K-Surge is designed to maximize potassium uptake during periods of increased demand, namely cell elongation, fruit sizing, and ripening. The source of potassium in this formulation comes from potassium acetate, a natural organic acid and metabolite that is preferred and readily absorbed by plant tissues. The low salt index of this form of potassium eliminates the concern of phytotoxicity or foliar burn. The addition of molybdenum and boron provides complimentary and synergistic benefits to the utilization of potassium.

  • Contains a higher quality and more efficient potassium source than other formulations
  • Maximizes potassium uptake during peak demand namely fruit elongation, fruit sizing, and ripening
  • Influences quality parameters such as size, shape, color, taste, an shelf life
  • Includes boron and molybdenum which increase potassium uptake and utilization
  • Low salt index that doesn’t cause leaf burn
  • Essential for heat stress relief and managing water use in the plant

Guaranteed Analysis

Soluble Potash (K2O)


Boron (B)


Molybdenum (Mo)


Derived from: potassium acetate, boric acid, sodium molybdate.

For use on all crops including tree nuts, vineyards, fruit, vegetable, grain and forage crops.

Available in 2.5 Gallon Jugs, Totes, and Bulk

Not registered in all states, provinces or countries.