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SuperSede Small Grains

Advanced Nutrition for Small Grains

Solutions to Optimize Stand Establishment

There is only one chance to get a good stand! FBSciences has a proven track record of utilizing its expansive knowledge of biosolutions to boost seed performance by increasing germination, seedling establishment, root growth, and plant to plant uniformity. FBSciences’ new SuperSede™ line of seed treatment products combine our proprietary FBS Transit® technology and crop-specific nutrients to give crops a head start, to ensure a strong stand. Seedling vigor is increased, and seedlings develop a robust root system that enables the plant to access nutrients (nutrient use efficiency) and moisture to establish a healthier plant.

Seed World Top Ten Award

Our seed treatment products significantly increase the germination rate under high-stress conditions, including cold, frost, heat, salt, drought, wet soils, and phytotoxicity from fertilizers. By reducing the effect of these limiting factors, there is a significant increase in vigor and improved emergence for strong stand establishment. The SuperSede seed treatment solutions are compatible with all seed treatment products and designed with low use rates to complement the grower’s existing seed treatment program.

FBSciences’ SuperSede crop-specific seed treatment products, including SuperSede™ Small Grains, give everything the seed needs for even germination in the field, increased uniformity, and a higher stand count. FBSciences has conducted hundreds of seed treatment trials over 15 years with very consistent results. When applied to the seed, these products accelerate the speed and uniformity of seedling emergence contributing to increased yields. Seedling vigor is increased, and seedlings develop a robust root system that enables the plant to access nutrients and moisture to establish a healthier plant.


Combined Sulfur (S)


Soluble Manganese (Mn)


Soluble Zinc (Zn)


Derived from: manganese sulfate and zinc sulfate.

Water-based, highly compatible with fertilizers, biostimulants and crop protection products

Suggested for Small Grains

Available in 1 Gallon and cases

Registration Status

Approved uses will vary from state to state depending on local registration requirements. Not registered in all states, provinces, or countries.

FBS Transit® Products